2017 Chief Scout Projects

This year, five of our Scouts completed requirements for their Chief Scout Awards. Here they are:


For her Chief Scout project Brooke decided to do the Youth Uplift Challenge.  This Challenge raises money for children living in poverty in Nicaragua and Indonesia, helping them to become who they want to be when they are older. Participants trace, color, and cut out a hand. Once your mail them to the headquarters, the Bezo’s Family Foundation donates $1.90 for each hand to Save the Children’s Youth Empowerment programs.

It may have been a simple project but it took a long time to complete.  In about mid October Brooke found out about the program. Next, she talked to the troop and they thought it was a good idea, so they made a whole bunch of hands at winter camp.  Brooke also made some during a Girl Guide district camp. During spring break, she put out a challenge to the troop: whoever could make the most hands would get a small box of chocolates.  The winner was Taylor with over 250 hands, although everyone ended up getting a small prize.  Hands were also made at a Group Committee meeting and by some 1st BX Cubs.

The grand total was………561 hands which raised $1 065.90!


For Brynne’s Chief Scout project she put together a total of 22 compassion bags for homeless people in and around Vernon. Brynne asked people in the troop to donate things like toothbrushes, combs, etc. She also made up a letter, gave it to some local businesses, and they helped donate as well. After she got all of her bags labelled and ready, Brynne took them to the Upper Room Mission Society and asked if someone there could deliver the compassion bags. Her project was successful and all of the bags were given to people in need.

Once the project was over, her troop asked her if there was anything that she would have done differently. Brynne said that she probably would have started her project much sooner so it wouldn’t have been such a rush to get done.


For Jeremy’s chief scout project, he decided to donate decks of playing cards, crib boards, puzzles, and other similar things to people while they stay at Vernon Jubilee Hospital. He originally called two different floor managers there but unfortunately, neither of them responded. So he contacted his aunt, who is a nurse there, and they determined a day that would work for dropping off the items. Jeremy then posted a note on Facebook asking for donations. The result was brilliant – 45 decks of cards, 6 crib boards, 5 puzzles, 7 games, and 16 activity books, which Jeremy subsequently dropped off at the hospital with his aunt on May 17th!


For Taylor’s Chief Scout project, she decided to make Valentine’s Day cards for the elderly residents at Noric house on February 13th. She wouldn’t have been able to achieve this goal without the help of her fellow Scouts and Scouters, which made it easier to accomplish such a big project. In total, Taylor made over one hundred Valentine’s​ plus she handed out heart shaped chocolates. The best part of the whole project was seeing the expressions on the faces of all the people when they received their Valentine. She is thankful for all the help she received​ from everyone​.


For Thomas’ Chief Scout project he wanted to do something that would make a difference in the community or even bigger. On April 30th he planned for his entire scout troop to clean all the garbage in the Fulton/Ellison wetlands to help keep animals in a safe and healthy environment.

After a few hours, the group collected an entire truck load of garbage!

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