2018 Chief Scout Projects

This year, seven of our scouts have completed requirements for their Chief Scout Awards.


For my Chief Scout Project, I ran a food drive for the Salvation Army’s House of Hope.
I went around my neighborhood, collecting non-perishable food items. After 6 hours of work, I ended up with 2 full shopping carts worth of food. The people volunteering at the Salvation Army were very exited to see the big donation, so I feel I have really helped the community.






For my Chief Scout project I organized a work party helping at the soup kitchen at the Vernon Upper Room Mission. The Upper Room Mission is a place that makes meals for people who are going through a rough time and may not be able to afford to buy their meals. For my project, the third-year scouts helped with cooking in the kitchen, serving food, cleaning tables, and organizing the storage room.

I organized a day for the scouts to help in February by contacting the kitchen manager. The day was a great success, and I was pleased with the final outcome.



My chief scout project was going to Polson extended care and the Hamlets and singing some songs for them! I got this idea when we were thinking of things I enjoy and thought about something musical.

We contacted my friend from my church, Grace Wulff, and she gave me contacts for these places. I picked some songs from my uncle Bob’s song book and then we practiced them at a meeting.

On April 16, we went and sang for the wise with age people and they all loved it! Thanks to all the scouts that came and helped sing!






For my Chief scout project I decided to help out the Vernon SPCA.

I designed and printed flyers, delivered them to people’s houses.

The flyer told them what supplies the SPCA needed and when I was picking them up. I went and collected the supplies from the scouts and the people, then on Saturday, May 12th I went up to the SPCA and delivered them. They were very happy with all the items. I was able to get two boxes of blankets and towels and one box for the toys and food, as well as $35 in cash donations. The total donation value was estimated at $150.





For my Chief Scouts Project, I created a website for the Vernon PC Users Club. The Vernon PC Users Club (or VPCUC) is a group that meets once a month (September to June) to teach those over 50 how to stay safe online and stay current with technology.

I joined that group three years ago not knowing that my skill in HTML Coding would come in handy, I have been apart of the group ever since.

In October 2017 I was asked by the group to create them a website because they had lost their old website. I started work on it during November which was right around the time that I started thinking about my chief scout project and what I wanted to do. I decided that I could combine the two.

I uploaded the website on May 8th. As a part of the group, I will continue to keep the site up to date: http://vpcuc.org/



My Chief Scout Project was a community clean – up in Armstrong. I got the idea by looking at the area in Armstrong and noticing all the garbage around my community and school. I contacted Debbe Nelson via email to see what needed to be done. We emailed back and forth and came up with the day of Saturday April 28th from 11-2pm. We cleaned both sides of Smith Drive and had 21 volunteers from Cubs, Scouts, Vents, Scouter and Parents. We collected 13 ½ bags of garbage and one broken chair. It was a great day and I feel good about my project making Armstrong a cleaner community.




For my chief scout project, I collected socks for those in need and donated them to Common Threads, Vernon Alliance Church’s outreach program. I collected socks from the adults and youth of the 1st BX Scout group and by April 30th I had collected 192 pairs of socks! Then on Sunday, May 6th I donated the socks to the church. I feel like I helped the community because now those in need can, too, have happy feet!



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